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Starts With The Best Irrigation

Residential & Commercial Drainage and Irrigation in Tyler, TX

Sprinkler Repair

Whether you need a sprinkler head, pipe, valve, or more repaired, we get the job done quickly and within your budget.

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Sprinkler Installation

Keep your landscape healthy by having us install an in-ground sprinkler system. We service any lawn.

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Drainage Services

Is there water pooling in your yard? Protect your home and lawn by having our professionals redirect the water.

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Sprinkler Maintenance

Extend the life of your sprinkler system by picking one of our maintenance plans.

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Leave The Watering To Us.

You’ve just found the ultimate solution to a lush, green lawn and garden. At All Time Sprinkler & Drainage, we handle everything from new sprinkler systems to sprinkler repairs and drainage solutions in Tyler, TX. Don't let a faulty sprinkler system ruin your beautiful landscape. Contact us today for all your sprinkler repair and installation solutions.

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Irrigation Solutions in Tyler, TX

Save Time

Never wrestle with a water hose again. Let your irrigation system do the hard work for you.

Lower Your Water Bill

Our sprinkler systems are designed to not overwater your lawn. They also reduce the risk of run-off.

Keep Your Home Beautiful

Maintain a beautiful lawn without lifting a finger. We install sprinklers, redirect water, and more to protect your home’s appearance.

Do You Take Card Payments?

Don’t worry about having to get cash on hand. For sprinkler repairs, we use our card reader.

What Do I Do If There’s A Wet Spot In My Yard?

If you have a consistent wet spot in your yard, it’s probably an issue with the irrigation main line. We can dig it up and replace that broken section.

What If There’s Water Build Up When The Sprinkler Is Running?

If you have a wet spot in the yard that only happens when the system is running, you probably have a broken lateral line, valve, or sprinkler head. Call us and we’ll fix the issue ASAP.

Why Are Only Some of My Stations Working?

You probably have a bad valve or disconnected wires. It could even be a bad section on your controller. Give us a call. We have the right tools to fix all electrical problems.

What can ya’ll do to make my current system more water efficient?

If your sprinkler system is experiencing too much pressure, we'll install a pressure regulator or pressure regulated sprinkler heads. Also, update your system with a smart controller, rain/wind/freeze sensor, soil moisture sensors, and more. We'll check the sprinkler valves on low elevation sprinkler heads or even replace your spray nozzles with rotary nozzles. Give us a call for a check up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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