Say Goodbye to Soggy Lawns

Be proactive about water build up on your property. All Time Sprinkler & Drainage manages water by providing drainage system installation, maintenance, and repair.

Water buildup ruins your lawn and compromises your home’s foundation. We redirect the water away from your house.

Drainage Cleaning & Maintenance

We custom the drain to fit your property so you get the best results. We also offer regular maintenance to make sure your system keeps working great. It also prevents potential issues before they occur. Our Hydro-Jetting System:

  • Is Eco- Friendly
  • Doesn’t damage your yard’s drainage pipes
  • Gets rid of breeding bacteria
  • And More

Yard Drainage System Installation

Drainage Services:

  • French Drain System: This is a long pipe surrounded by rock. It’s designed to catch any water that’s flowing towards your landscape.
  • Surface Drain System: They are strategically placed in the lowest spot in your yard. They collect standing water and send it down a pipe away from your property.
  • Dry Creek Bed Drain System: This is a beautiful, natural drainage solution.
  • Downspout Adapters: This collects the stormwater from the roof and sends it away from your landscape.
  • Sump Pump System: These are effective at moving lots of water quickly and even uphill.

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Client Testimonial


“I had them install a drainage system to get water to flow out of part of my yard.
They were courteous, punctual and got the job done as quickly as I would have figured was possible.”

- Clem. P.

Common Drainage Issues We Fix :

Soggy Ground

Avoid problems like lawn fungus, tracking mud in your home, mosquito breeding grounds, and more

Uneven Ground

Low lying areas and hills lead to flooding and water damage.

Foundation Settlement

Once your home settles, it may create a low spot that leads to pools of water.

Clogged Drain

Leaves, twigs, and other debris will clog your drains over time if they aren’t properly cleaned

Manage Water. Protect Your Landscape.

Don't let standing water or poor drainage affect the beauty and health of your property. Contact us today to schedule your drainage services in Tyler, TX. Have the peace of mind that comes with working with a team of drainage professionals.

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