Make Your Landscape Lush

Watering your lawn with a water hose is tedious. Stop sweating in the Texas heat trying to get rid of dry patches in your lawn and garden. All Time Sprinkler & Drainage customizes drip and in-ground sprinkler systems for Bullard, TX. They’re always tailored to your lawn and budget.

Our dependable sprinkler repair and maintenance services ensure your system is always running at peak efficiency. We quickly find and fix any issues, restoring your sprinkler system to its former glory.

With over a decade of experience serving Bullard, TX, we are the trusted experts in lawn and garden irrigation.

Irrigation Solutions For Bullard, TX

Lawn Sprinkler System Repair in Bullard, TX

You’ve found the solution for water sprinkler repair in Bullard, TX. All Time Sprinkler & Drainage handles any type of repair no matter how big or small.

We repair everything like damaged pipes, malfunctioning sprinkler heads and values, outdated controllers, and more. Whatever the problem, we fix it quickly.

Typical Lawn Sprinkler Repairs:

  • Sprinkler Wire Repair
  • Sprinkler Pipe Repair
  • Sprinkler Valve Repair
  • Sprinkler Head Repair
  • And more

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Sprinkler System Installation in Bullard, TX

You shouldn’t have to lug around a heavy water hose every time you need to water your yard. Choose the easy option with All Time Sprinkler & Drainage. We offer initial irrigation installation as well irrigation expansions. You can even make your sprinkler system Wi-Fi controlled with our smart sprinkler system installations. So, enjoy your beautiful yard and garden without the hard work.

Perfect Sprinkler. Perfect Lawn.

Initial Irrigation Installation

Keeping your landscape green is easy when you have a custom in-ground or drip sprinkler system from All Time Sprinkler & Drainage.

Irrigation Expansion

Make sure your irrigation system is optimized. Our techs help by replacing nozzles, upgrading the smart controller, adding more watering stations, and more.

Drainage Installation in Bullard, TX

Protect your landscape against water build up with a yard drainage system from All Time Sprinkler & Drainage. We direct water flow away from your property so you stay safe and dry.

Drainage Services:

  • French Drain System: This is a long pipe surrounded by rock. It’s designed to catch any water that’s flowing towards your landscape.
  • Surface Drain System: They are strategically placed in the lowest spot in your yard. They collect standing water and send it down a pipe away from your property.
  • Dry Creek Bed Drain System: This is a beautiful, natural drainage solution.
  • Downspout Adapters: This collects the stormwater from the roof and sends it away from your landscape.
  • Sump Pump System: These are effective at moving lots of water quickly and even uphill.

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Sprinkler Maintenance in Bullard, TX

Don’t leave the health of your lawn up to chance. Make sure your sprinkler system is operating at its best with All Time Sprinkler & Drainage. Our experienced maintenance team finds and fixes any potential issues before they turn into costly problems. Don't wait until it's too late. Contact us today for dependable sprinkler system maintenance all year long.

Monthly Maintenance: Do you want your sprinkler system ready for action at any time? Our team provides thorough monthly maintenance to keep your sprinkler system in excellent shape throughout the year.

Springtime Maintenance: As the temperatures begin to climb, it's more important than ever that your sprinkler system is in tip-top shape. Avoid the risk of a dry, brown yard and trust All Time Sprinkler & Drainage for reliable maintenance.

Winterization Maintenance: Don't let a damaged sprinkler system and cracked pipes ruin your winter. Our team will drain your pipes before the freezing winter temperatures arrive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our services? We’ve got answers.

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Do You Take Card Payments?

Don’t worry about having to get cash on hand. For sprinkler repairs, we use our card reader.

What Do I Do If There’s A Wet Spot In My Yard?

If you have a consistent wet spot in your yard, it’s probably an issue with the irrigation main line. We can dig it up and replace that broken section.

What If There’s Water Build Up When The Sprinkler Is Running?

If you have a wet spot in the yard that only happens when the system is running, you probably have a broken lateral line, valve, or sprinkler head. Call us and we’ll fix the issue ASAP.

Why Are Only Some of My Stations Working?

You probably have a bad valve or disconnected wires. It could even be a bad section on your controller. Give us a call. We have the right tools to fix all electrical problems.

What can ya’ll do to make my current system more water efficient?

If your sprinkler system is experiencing too much pressure, we'll install a pressure regulator or pressure regulated sprinkler heads. Also, update your system with a smart controller, rain/wind/freeze sensor, soil moisture sensors, and more. We'll check the sprinkler valves on low elevation sprinkler heads or even replace your spray nozzles with rotary nozzles. Give us a call for a check up.